‘Cactus Ed’ – the man and his journals pt.1

Edward Abbey on Literary Criticism:

the strong herd-instinct of the literary professors , who tend to move in unison like a flock of starlings or a school of fish…the transience and mutability of literary fashions… The men who make a good living writing about the work of their betters would actually be more appropriately occupied in the designing of women’s apparel…If we all allowed these people to meddle too much in literature then all litarature would soon consist of nothing but the careful , cautious, correct work of such as Austen and James. ‘ ( pp.184-185)


I despise T.S.Eliot, the biggest fraud who ever lived . ‘

My style: something almost harsh, bitter, ugly. The rough, compresed , asymmetrical, laconic, cryptic. Cactus. Old juniper. Rock, dry heat, the stark contour.
Mood , tone, feeling.
‘ (p156)

Edward Abbey – Confessions of a Barbarian ; Little Brown HB

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