Some scattered notes of mine, no doubt drawn obliquely from forgotten , more shrewd , sources .
To be social is to forget yourself.

All maturity amounts to is an amplified awareness of death and the incommunicable self in relation to others.

Facebook is lonelier than a solitary walk in the woods.
Ageism – They are after all : Old
Sexism – When woman becomes man, man becomes woman.
Freud – Demagogue of Phallus country.
While Climbing a hill I want to die – Life’s a hill ? – On top.
The goals we set

Before our end

Do not prevent

Our waning descent

Summer of 2010, and my 21st year

To sleep, eat , read, walk, I watch sheep – 2 months spent gazing at the pugnacious wuss h. If it be saved from my carnivorous teeth, it would stand in need of cogent and strong reasons for its continued existence ; vegetarianism built on an account of a sheep’s rights (to roam), a sheep’s metaphysics? Who can tell.

Assuming that there are some truths , but that most , if not all, philosophers will never discover them : why not make it a virtue to thwart the implacable affliction of the philosopher’s disease ; to rail against the questioning mind , and live …. somehow ?!
I Loathe the wealthy not for the anodyne bulge of their wallet but for the size of their umbrageous lawns and the clatter their mowers engender to keep them trim .
Existence can be equated to a light bulb : It ceases to shine when you least expect it. Some lifes pulsate radiantly and briefly ; others dimly and laggardly. For all the same ‘ law of incandescence ‘ applies : there is a moment when a filament fizzes out and loses its joyous  heat.
No more hateful words! Improvement through action.
No more hateful thoughts!
” Optimism is false. ”
IS IT ? What can’t be proven need not be false
“I’ll Prove it right”
You prove it wrong.
All good books are ultimately about death ( the end? ) , and if they are not they unfailingly get one thinking about it. ( boredom)

Tolstoy : ‘humanity ( the positivist attempt at religion )’

( p.136 – Confession and other religious writings – Peng.Class. ed.

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